Training Development Samples

TriCounty Technical College

I am currently an Adjunct Instructor at TCTC, but I maintain a position on the Business and Public Services Advisory Board, which ensures that the program curriculum supports both the needs of the students, as well as the needs of local employers. This alignment means students can expect to be gainfully employed upon graduation and employers will receive personnel who are well-prepared for the jobs they are offered. I was instrumental in the most recent Business Administration program revamp, which included the addition of the Operations and Logistics emphases, and the incorporation of seven Council of Supply Chain Management Professional (CSCMP) certifications, which are viewed favorably in our manufacturing-heavy local industry.  This is a role in which I take much pride, as I get to work directly with adult learners across differing generations, life experiences, career levels, socioeconomic statuses, and educational experiences, to create a learning environment where they can all thrive.  

Blue Circle Leadership

The Blue Circle Leadership Transformational Leadership Program is an immersive, highly interactive, cohort-based learning opportunity for Multicultural Women (MCW) and intersectional groups.  Participants learn skills and strategies to support the advancement of MCW and to overcome the unique challenges they face in their organizations. I act as a Director of Programs for single-organization and multi-organization cohorts, with the goal of keeping the programs running smoothly for the participants, program sponsors, and facilitators. I am also responsible for curriculum development and the backend support of the LMS.

Joe Mull & Associates - BossBetter Leadership Academy

The BossBetter Leadership Academy (BBLA) is a virtual subscription-based management training academy that includes quarterly live coaching clinics, monthly micro-training courses, pre-recorded workshops, discussion guides, and actionable manager resources. I create the micro-learning content, discussion guides, and manager resources from the monthly facilitator-recorded training video. I also built the LMS platform and manage the backend needs (participant reporting, content updates, site maintenance, etc.).   

Magnet Culture & Leading Age Tennessee

Magnet Culture is a leadership training company that works largely with professional associations for industries with high front-end turnover (long-term care and manufacturing, for example). During my partnership with Magnet Culture, I developed an eight-hour micro-learning "Retention Bootcamp", which was accepted for a three-year Civil Money Penalty (CMP) grant for the state of Tennessee. This training program was offered to long-term care facilities in the state with the goal of decreasing turnover in front-line roles and increasing retention of direct care workers, which directly improved the continuity of care for senior residents.  

A&E Engineering

A&E Engineering is a manufacturing process engineering firm that works closely with large-scale manufacturing companies worldwide. A&E leadership contacted me to revamp their onboarding, training, and talent development systems, as the company has outgrown its current systems. This project has been particularly engaging for me from an Instructional Design perspective, as I have been able to work through the entire ADDIE model in a real-work setting.  Highlights of this program the development of a hands-on skills lab for incoming engineers, the creation of a recording studio for in-house training content production, and the introduction of contemporary (and more engaging) training methods to an industry that does not typically embrace change.   

US Army

I wanted to include my military experience to my selected work samples because, though I was not actively working in instructional design or training development at the time, this is where I first began to create training resources as a way to improve outcomes for my teams. The military is SOP driven and, while it is important to have accurate processes recorded,  these materials can be extremely dry and difficult to consume. In both of my roles as a Human Resource Specialist and as a Supply Logistics Specialist, I created supplemental, real-speak resources to aid transition teams. My favorite training resource that I developed was for the Class I Supply Operation in Al Asad, Iraq. My unit was leaving country and I was in charge of training the incoming unit. I created a comic-book style instruction guide for the day-to-day office operations which became so popular that the Battalion Commander gave me a challenge coin for, in her words, "making a difficult situation just enjoyable enough to tolerate" (big words from that Lt Col). 

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